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Winter Park, FL
$50,000 - $70,000
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Direct Hire
Aug 24, 2015
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The superintendent oversees construction of individual homes to ensure high-quality work that is produced under budget, on schedule, and to the home owner’s satisfaction. The superintendent takes full responsibility for producing homes in an efficient and safe manner through effective management of trade contractors, material suppliers, inspectors, and other on all homes under his or her direction. The superintendent is the primary field representative of the company on construction matters.  He or she orchestrates the work, coordinates the various complex aspects of the construction process, and trains trade contractors as needed in the performance of their work.


The Superintendent must
  Maintain a high degree of integrity and honesty in all business dealings
  Be self-motivated and solve problems effectively
  Get along well with others and lead by example
  Communicate well; know how to listen
  Be well organized and thorough
  Solve Problems within his or her authority
  Be emotionally stable and able to work through difficult situations calmly and professionally
  Be professional in dress, manner, and conduct; represent the company at all times and everywhere, and maintain a high degree of integrity and company loyalty
  Read, understand, and resolve inconsistencies and problems in plans and specifications
  Understand basic surveying principles and practices and interpret site-specific topography
  Understand appropriate scheduling methods including calendar method, Gantt chart, UDA scheduling program
  Understand safety practices and procedures 
  Instruct, train, and work with trade contractors and others to ensure compliance with proper material usage, approved construction methods, and operating procedures
  Delegate responsibilities to subordinates while remaining accountable for their performance
  Make quick, accurate decisions when necessary and take responsibility for those decisions
  Use established supervisory and motivational techniques to elicit peak performance from all employees, suppliers, and trade contractors in regard to both quantity and quality
  Use a computer, including UDA Construction Online, UDA Construction Suite, Microsoft Office, and applicable scheduling programs
  Plan, Organize, and conduct ongoing training sessions for construction personnel and others related to the trades
  Situate a home on the lot, establish elevations and depth of excavation, and adjust plans to accommodate specific site and code requirements
  Conduct site and preconstruction meetings with home owners and subcontractors
  Communicate site changes to drafting and estimating personnel accurately so that the plans and estimate can be revised to reflect accurate quantities of materials for homes under the superintendent’s direct control
  Maintain effective, cooperative, working relationships with architects, engineers, trade contractors, employees, materials suppliers, home owners, public officials, and the general public
  Use diplomacy to mitigate negative situations and address home owner’s concerns professionally while maintaining excellent relations with them
  Integrate all tasks into an organized, controlled, and smooth-flowing system
  Coordinate the work of all trade contractors on the jobsite to avoid conflicts and dry runs

The Superintendent must also know and understand
          Applicable building codes, zoning ordinances, OSHA requirements, and other law and regulations
           Current accounting and other business practices
           Performance criteria and construction standards of each trade contractor
           The latest construction industry trends by keeping abreast of professional publications, talking with materials suppliers, and through other channels
           How and when to say “NO” to home owners without being offensive

The Superintendent will 
  Maintain a current record of all code interpretation and local ordinances for each jurisdiction in which he or she works
  Establish and enforce safety measures; ensure that trade contractors perform their work safely, according to OSHA guidelines; and that trade contractors have an effective safety program
  Not tolerate unsafe work practices and will take appropriate but firm action to  promptly remedy safety violations
  Review business forms, checklists, ad reports that aid in controlling aspects of the construction process under his or her responsibility
  Complete and submit all necessary field reports and information in a readable, accurate, and timely manner
  Work with the appropriate manager on a daily bases
  Maintain uniform construction methods within company
  Support company policies and construction standards, suggest improvements within the system at an appropriate time and place, and execute policies to ensure compliance with company quality standards
  Attend production meetings, seminars, and training sessions on production related projects as needed
  Review each job file in advance to make the transition from sales to production a pleasant experience for the home owner(s)
  Review issued sub contracts of necessary materials and labor for the construction process and inform manager of discrepancies if found between contracts, plans and specifications
  Build high-quality homes and achieve high-quality work and home owner satisfaction by effectively managing resources and the construction process
  Update construction schedule daily to ensure their accuracy
  Use a four-week interval schedules to monitor and manage home construction
  Review project status reports weekly or as required by company policy
  Work with peers to coordinate trade contractor scheduling
  Monitor construction times and focus attention of all construction personnel to ensure a smooth, efficient, and continuous flow of work on each individual home
  Walk through homes under construction daily 
  Conduct detailed inspections of each construction phase before authorizing any work for payment, using quality checklist for inspections, quality control, and to ensure adherence to standard operating procedures
  Review quality checklists with all trade contractors at appropriate times
  Conduct a detail framing inspection with the framer before framing is completed
  Coordinate pre-drywall inspection with the home owner(s) and ensure that all structural, mechanical, and electrical components are appropriately completed
  Coordinate utility installations and connections with home owner(s), local and code officials, and utility companies
  Ensure that home owners approve and sign completed change orders before change orders are made
  Coordinate the return for all excess or inferior material and ensure that the company receives credit for these
  Maintain a clean, safe jobsite during construction, including on surrounding streets; ensure that neighborhood street and yards are clean and free of trash and construction debris; and ensure that silt-control fences are in place and functioning properly
  Determine alternative work assignment for inclement weather or schedule changes
  Work to develop and continuously improve the relationship with local building inspectors, city and county agencies, and other members of the building team
  Develop positive customer relations with each home owner based on timely performance; ensure complete customer satisfaction by meeting regularly with home owner(s) and maintaining effective two-way communication with them
  Communicate with each home owner at least once a week, or more often ad necessary
  Keep communication log with the home owner(s), answer their questions, and address their concerns, before, during, and after construction, log must be kept on UDA program
  Walk through each completed home before the home owner walk-through to make sure that the home is complete and clean and that it reflects the company’s quality standards
  Make sure all punch-lists items are completed quickly and professionally, and make necessary repairs properly, avoiding quick fixes and cover ups  
  Ensure that each home is 100% complete, with no punch-list items remaining, before closing, and make sure home owners sign off on the complete repairs  
  Participate in home owner walk-through as necessary to ensure smooth hand offs of homes to the customer service (warranty) personnel and to ensure that the home owner is happy with the transition  
  Assist trade contractors with warranty service and assist home owners to allow positive warranty experience  
  Help maintain the construction field office, keeping it clean and organized  
  Drive courteously, conscientiously, and safely, to maintain a good driving record  
  Accomplish other tasks as required by the position or the project manager  
  Drive company vehicle only for business purposes only. Personal responsibility to keep truck clean including washes and interior cleaned at personal expense on a regular bases.   
  Be personally responsible if company vehicle is damaged, neglected, and accident caused or involved in between the hours of 6pm to 6am during business days and off business hours and days.  

Superintendent day-to-day Responsibilities’:
  Coordinate with subcontractors that their field blueprints are the correct set matching latest blueprints provided by Company, report discrepancies immediately to office staff.
  Keep current account of complete project info including permits numbers on hand
  Keep all blueprints in hand and use a dedicated RED LINE set for field notes and changes
  Must be using the blueprints during each site visit to check for accuracy, discrepancies and possible omissions.
  Take proper site pictures and upload to UDA at each visit
  Use UDA Construction Online apps to communicate with office staff and subcontractors about dialog, to do list, logging (daily log), punchlist, photo, video, plan room, calendars, files.
  Create project detailed schedule and communicate it with management daily including confirming actions, report delays.
  Must be able to “push” the project schedule and pick up on when subcontractors use all the excuses in the book to delay the project. Must be able to use authority to deal with such issues and also report such situations to management
  Must be able to answer management phone calls and emails on a timely manner.  
  Must be physically and mentally able to properly install:
  o Jobsite development signage including assembly and disassembly of signs to posts and dig / backfill holes to install sign. Max size 8’x4’
  o Permit boards and posts and jobsite warning signage
  o Job site cameras on posts or trees up to 16' height off extension ladder
  o Must be able to use battery powered tools such as circular saw, drill, sawzaw, hand tools and tape measures
  o Be physically able to verify measurements inside footers and any other measurements that can be reached with an 8' A frame step ladder
  o Must be able to thoroughly inspect any single story roof
  o Must be able to do frame walks including checking measurements and levelness of walls and mark fixable items
  o Drive company truck, box truck, trailer and be able to access small tools as needed 
  o Set up construction office stairs if needed to be secured for access on a construction office trailer
  o Fix fallen down silt fence and or install new section if damaged section is present
  o Temporary locks on all exterior doors as needed
  o Move trim material, interior doors, appliances etc.. out of harm’s way if necessary to move to allow clear path for trades and other tasks to be completed
  o Generate final punch list including checking work or cleanliness off max a 8' A frame type ladder
  o Small paint touch ups
  o Clean and scrape “excess materials” off concrete, walls, etc. if needed 
Our Superintendents are not required and they are not encouraged to do
o    Drywall repairs o    Stucco repairs o    Concrete work o    Roofing work